Philipp Hochmair

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© Foto: Christian Schoppe

Philipp Hochmair (born 16. October 1973) is an Austrian-German film, television and theater actor. Hochmair grew up in Vienna (Austria) where he discovered his passion for literature, film and theater.
His mother is a physician who was frequently the on-call doctor for theaters. Therefore he experienced Theater and opera performances from an early age. After graduating from high school he studied acting at the renowned Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna, as well as at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts CNSAD in Paris (1993-1996).

During his studies he was chosen by Golden Globe Winner Klaus Maria Brandauer to participate in his exclusive master class. Brandauer and Hochmair subsequently became friends after starring together as father and son in the Alzheimer drama “The Extinction” (“Die Auslöschung”) by Nikolaus Leytner in 2012.

In addition to his cinematic work he is best known for his excellent work on stage in national and international theaters where he has undertaken many classical roles in a modern “postdramatic”-style, such as Hamlet, Mephisto (Faust by Goethe) and Werther (after the novel by Goethe).
Among these unique roles, Hochmair ́s monologue in Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s morality play “Everyman” has attracted a great deal of attention, because during this one-man-show he takes on more than 20 roles, musically supported by his rockband “The Electric Hand Of God”(Die Elektrohand Gottes).

His first cinematic successes were parts in Oliver Hirschbiegl‘s well received movie „The Experiment“ and in „The Manns – A Novel of the Century“ by Heinrich Breloer in 2001.
His other lead roles include „Tomcat“(2016), directed by Klaus Händl, in which Hochmair stars alongside Lukas Turtur. They portray a well-off gay viennese couple, whose relationship is tested when one of them inadvertently kills their pet cat Moses. For his role in Tomcat Hochmair won the Diagonale Festival Award in Graz (Austria).

One of his first international productions „Candelaria“ by J.H.Hinestroza was shot in Cuba (2016).

Hochmair has played significant roles in many Austrian and German television series from 2015-2021. In the popular series “Vorstadtweiber“ – a kind of Desperate Housewives – he embodies a corrupt and cynical homosexual politician, who loses the plot and becomes a murderer.
In the Netflix-Series „Freud“ (2020), he plays an evil count, obsessed by dark powers.
In the third season of Charité (German-Netflix-Production, 2021) Hochmair stars as Professor Prokop, an Austrian forensic pathologist who was internationally recognized for his influence on forensic medicine and research policy during German Democratic Republic.
„Blind ermittelt“ (The Blind Officer) (2017-2021) centres around Hochmair’s character, a detective who lost both his sight and his wife in an explosion.
He won the Austrian Television Award ROMY for his role in the blind officer (2019).

Hochmair speaks four languages: He has performed on stage and screen in German, French, English and Spanish.